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Oracle Fusion will send a notification to remind you when a Return to Work interview needs to be completed. This notification will be sent the working day after you input an end date for a sickness absence. Please note if you end an absence and complete a Return to Work Interview on the same day you will receive the reminder the following working day, if you have already completed the Return to Work Interview you can ignore that reminder.


1. Click on the My Team icon from the home screen.   

2. From the list of colleagues that you supervise, click on the three dots to open up the list of actions you can perform for that colleague.

3. Click on Document Records from the action drop down list

4. Click the Add button to create a new document

5. Use the drop down under Document type to choose Return to Work – NCC or the relevant NCH option

6. Name the document by typing in the Name field. This should describe the document to make it easy to identify.  For example: RTW – 21/04/2020


Enter the following information in the Document Details.

  1. Name – This should describe the document to make it easy to identify, for example, RTW 28.01.21
  2. Use the drop down under Sickness Reference Entry to select the period of absence the Return to Work interview relates to. (This can be identified by the date in the reference)
  3. Enter the Interview date
  4. Search for the interviewer/manager:

       A. Click on the drop down
       B. Click on Search at the bottom of the box
       C. Type all or part of the name in Value field : format = last name, first name
       D. Click search
       E. Click on the manager and then click on OK. 

  5. Use the drop down to complete: Absence caused by an accident at work?
  6. Use the drop down to complete: Absence caused by illness or condition caused by work?
  7. In the Summary section, add details of any agreed actions or points raised during the Return to Work Interview

Click Submit to create the Document Record in Oracle