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1. Click on Time and Absences from the home screen

2. Click on the Absences tile

3. Click on Add

4. Use the drop down next to Type to choose ‘Adoption Leave’

At this stage you are just notifying of your intention to take adoption leave:

5. Enter the expected date of placement

6. Enter the Placement match date

7. Tick the box – open ended

8. Enter your planned start date. If your adoption leave commences on a different date, either you or your line manager will be able to update the Start Date field.

9.  Enter your planned end date.  As above, if your end date changes you or your manager will be able to update this.



Complete the Additional Information section

10. Date of matching certificate/Official Notification

11. If applicable, the date the child entered the UK

12. You can also indicate whether you do not intend to return to work, or whether you intend to return to work and wish to receive Occupational Adoption Pay (OAP) during your leave.

13. Click on Submit

14. The request will be sent to your line manager to approve.




If you require more information in relation to OAP, please see the guidance in the Leave and Flexible Working Policy.

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