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Nottingham City Homes Guidance

The first step in applying for shared parental leave is for the manager to submit a request to EMSS.

  1. Under My Team, click on the 3 dots next to the person’s name
  2. Choose Document Records
  3. Click on Add button
  4. Choose from the list of documents – either Shared Parental Maternity/Shared Parental Adoption


  5. Complete the mandatory fields (indicated by *)

Ideally, as a manager you will already have had informal conversations about the option of Shared parental leave, but you can use the form as prompts for the kind of information you will need to know.

7. Click on Submit


The document will be submitted to EMSS to check the details. Once checks are complete the Manager will receive notification that the Shared Parental Leave entitlement has been set up.


The Employee can now request the absence in the usual way, choosing ‘Shared Parental Leave’ from the drop down against Type.


Additional details required are agreement name and payment detail which will be provided in the Notification to the Manager.