I've received a DBS email reminder - what do I need to do?

If you have already completed your information using the link provided to you, it is likely that your ID verifier has not entered your document information yet, causing the application to show as incomplete. These emails are automated reminders and will be received until your application has been completed in its entirety and submitted. If you haven’t already provided your documents, you should contact your ID verifier to provide these.


What are my DBS Login details?

If you are an applicant and need the details to log in and complete your application, please contact your ID verifier or your employer. Please note that EMSS do not have access to applicant log in details


When will I receive my DBS results?

There is no set time frame that the checks are completed in as it varies for each individual check. We are not able to chase any check that has been with the police for less than 60 days.


I need a copy of my DBS certificate

Please call the DBS customer service line on 0300 0200 190 to request a copy of your DBS certificate.


What documents do I need to provide for my application?

A list of the different routes and the documents needed for each route can be found on the HMRC website.