Logging into Oracle Fusion

You can log in to your Oracle Fusion account by using this link.

Fusion Login Issues

If you do not know your username, have not received your log in details or need a welcome email resending, please raise a query via the EMSS contact form. Please include: 

  • Your name
  • NI number
  • The email address linked with your account

Resetting Your Password

Once your account is activated you can reset your own password using the ‘Need help signing in?’ link. This option requires you to provide your username – if you are unsure what this is, please log a query as detailed above.

Single Sign-On Authentication Issue

If you are a Leicestershire County Council employee trying to use Single Sign-On and receive a "Cannot authenticate account" error, please complete this form to log a ticket with Systems Admin including the following details in your ticket:

  • Your Email Address 
  • Payroll Number