Setting up a Supplier
The setup of suppliers depends on the type of payee:

  • For Trade Suppliers (where an invoice is expected, and the supplier is not paid via a line of business feeder system)
    • The supplier is required to complete an online registration form. Colleagues should provide this form to the  supplier - the link can be found on the relevant intranet (click here for LCCclick here for NCC)
    • Upon successful completion, and verification of bank details, the supplier will be notified of their supplier number and access details for the supplier portal.

  •  For individuals or groups (where an invoice is not expected - for example, grant payments or reimbursement of fees and charges)
    • The payee should complete the online registration form as above. 
    • Registration for this type of supplier may be completed internally if required, but you must not select ‘supplier portal access’. 
    • Upon successful completion, the requester will be notified that the supplier has been set up.

Timeframes for Supplier Setup
The Finance Service Centre aims to complete all supplier registration requests within 5 days, including the counter fraud check. Delays relating to the counter fraud check or rejected requests will be communicated to the requester.