Registering as a Supplier

In order to become a registered supplier on our system, we require all suppliers to complete the self-registration form. The departmental contact procuring your goods or services will send you the link to the portal to set yourself up. On the form, suppliers will need to answer all the questions and attach the supporting documentation before submitting.  If you need guidance at any point of the registration process, please consult the dedicated EMSS page for useful videos and PDF instructions at

Please note that agents in EMSS are only able to process completed registrations and unfortunately cannot guide suppliers through the form filling process. 


Please note that the completion of a supplier registration can take up to 5 working days. During this time, we may contact you for the verifications detailed below and, once complete, will confirm that your registration has been successful.


Verifications of new Suppliers

  • Step 1 – Internal verification. 
    This is when we check your application with the departmental contact you quoted on your questionnaire.

  • Step 2 – External verification
    • Once we have completed our first verification, we will contact you to verify your supplier details as a fraud prevention measure. We will call an independently sourced number and will need someone at the business to verify a series of details about the company. Our agents will talk you through who we are, why we are calling and will only ask for the last 4 digits of your account number.
    • If we are unable to reach you, we will complete a contact us form if available or write to you via an independently sourced address. If you receive either of these, please follow the steps detailed on the forms to complete the verification with us.

Once the verifications are complete, we will submit your application for approval with a supervisor/manager in the relevant department who will provide the final sign off. This will issue a welcome email to your registered email and confirm that the supplier account is active.

More information about the verifications are included in the frequently asked questions listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have produced an article with extensive Frequently Asked Questions around the supplier registration process. 

When to Contact EMSS
Before logging a ticket, please ensure you have checked the Supplier Guidance and the Frequently Asked Questions which may be able to support. Agents in EMSS are only able to process completed registrations and unfortunately cannot guide suppliers through the form filling process. For support on this, please liaise with the Council contact that has procured or requested your goods/services. For any queries that are not resolvable by the guidance or FAQs, please log a ticket with EMSS via the contact form.