Sometimes rejection reasons can be unclear as multiple items are selected but all reasons for rejecting an invoice should be stated on the email or letter you have received from us.

The main reasons invoices are rejected are detailed below:

  • No PO/Contact
    We require all invoices to quote a valid purchase order or contact name. Your departmental contact that raised the request for goods/services from you should be able to help with this.

  • Supplier doesn’t exist
    This reason could be caused by your organisation not yet being setup as a supplier on our system or that your supplier account has become inactive. Inactivation takes place after 14 months of not being used. Please check our Registering as a Supplier or Inactivated Suppliers pages.

  • Conflict of site address
    This reason signified that the address we hold on our system doesn’t match your invoice. In this instance, please consult our Changes to Supplier Details page.

  • Invalid addresses
    This reason is flagged when your invoice is not addressed to Leicestershire County Council or Nottingham City Council. Please amend the document and resubmit for processing.

Duplicate Invoice Rejections

If you receive a duplicate invoice notification, it's likely that the invoice is in the system but unpaid. Please do not forward copies of or resend copies of invoices that have been rejected as duplicate as they will be automatically rejected by the system. Please note that we are unable to accept more than one invoice with the same invoice number for the same supplier. Please check our page on Receiving a Payment from the Council to understand why an invoice payment may be delayed.

Contacting EMSS

If you are still unsure about the rejection you have received and would like to contact the Finance Service Centre, please call or contact us via the contact form. We aim to respond to all queries received via the form within 5 working days.