Submitting Loaders

You can submit your loaders to and our team will aim to process these within 3 working days. Once completed, you will be notified of the load (whether this is successful or has failed for any reason).

  • Please only submit one loader per email
  • Please ensure that more than 5 lines are included on any loaders
  • Please check the ‘Approvals for Loaders’ section below to identify the approvals required for your submission

Providing a Reference

The reference you put on the loader in the column titled ‘Invoice Number’ will be the reference that the line is loaded as. You can then locate the status of the payment through the Invoice App/AP Dashboard on Fusion by searching under this reference.

Failed Loads

We will respond to you with any lines that have failed and advise why. When correcting failed entries, please only resubmit these corrected lines – any previous lines that were successful should not be resubmitted.

If your full file fails, the standard checks we advise are:

  • all dates are included in correct format
  • all required fields have been completed
  • zipped files submitted only
  • check the loader version is correct (see below for info on the loader version)
  • if you are notified of a distribution variance, this means that the budget code entered on the file is an invalid combination. 

For support on resolving any of these issues, please contact:

Approvals for Loaders

Please see the table below to identify where the relevant approvals can be attained:

Loader Type

Leicestershire County Council Approval

Nottingham City Council Approval

Pre-Approved Loaders

Contact the TAT team

Contact the POP team

One Time Payment Loaders

Loader not used by LCC

Contact the POP team

Other Loaders Requiring Approval

Submitted to EMSS

Contact the POP team