Workflow Notifications to Code Invoices
If you receive this notification, your name has been used as the department contact by the supplier when submitting an invoice for payment. This route is used when there is no valid Council purchase order number is provided and/or when the invoice has escalated from someone within your HR hierarchy.


The notification is asking you to enter the charge code for the invoice in order to start the approval process. Once coding is complete, an email will be sent to the default approver within 3 hours.

You may receive an invoice for coding that quotes a purchase order number. In this instance, please check the purchase order status:

  • Oracle Fusion cannot match invoices to a closed Purchase Order; if the PO is closed, the invoice will need to be coded in order to be processed for payment. 
  • If the purchase order is still open, please inform the Finance Service Desk at EMSS by completing our purchase order matching form.


Important note: all notifications are system generated, they are not issued by a person (if a name is visible, this is due to the automated running of the process being generated from their account).

If you are the default approver of a cost code and the amount is within your approval limit, you will receive workflow notifications to approve requisitions and coded invoices.

You may have received the approval notification if someone in your supervisor hierarchy does not have the required approval limit. The system is effectively asking you to approve or reject the approval as you have the correct authorization limit and you are a supervisor in the default approver’s HR hierarchy.
You may also receive workflow notifications because the original workflow has timed out and escalated from someone within your supervisor hierarchy or a college has set their vacation rules to send notifications to you. Depending on the notification you receive, you can act by following the guidance for the specific workflow notification. Notifications for invoice coding, approvals and holds will escalate after 10 days but you will receive a reminder after 5 days. The timings are temporary and will reduce in the near future.

Steps to Take
For step-by-step guidance on how to action your workflow notification, please consult the relevant NCC Guidance or LCC Guidance.

  • Invoice Approval
    If you are happy to approve the invoice, you can click on the link in the email which enables you to approve from the Oracle invoice view.
  • Requisition Approval 
    If you are happy to approve the requisition notification you can simply do this from the email.  You can also reject and request further information which will trigger a notification to the requisitioner. If you no longer have the email or want to review your notifications in Oracle, you can also approve, reject and request information from your Oracle worklist.
  • Re-assigning the Invoice 
    You can re-assign the invoice to someone that has access to the code – this could be a requisitioner in your department, the budget manager or a budget monitor. Please do not reassign the notifications to FSC staff members, if you feel the notification is not for you, please speak to your business support team about how to find the correct person to reassign it to. For Leicestershire County Council, contact and
    for Nottingham City Council, contact:
  • Reporting an Error with the Invoice
    Contact the EMSS Finance Service Desk via our contact form to advise of any errors with the invoice. Please provide the relevant invoice details (invoice number, supplier). If you are advising that a PO was quoted on the document, please also include this in your enquiry.

  • Rejecting the Invoice Approval or Requesting More Information
    Please note clicking on ‘Actions’ and selecting ‘Request Information’ is not working as expected, please do not use this.
    Contact the EMSS Finance Service Desk via our contact form to advise why the invoice is incorrect and/or any additional information required. Please note that you may also need to liaise with the requisitioner to attain more information. Please provide the relevant invoice details (invoice number, supplier) when contacting EMSS to ensure the relevant invoice is updated.

  • No copy invoice attached to Workflow Notification
    If there does not appear to be a URL link to the supplier invoice or a copy of the invoice attached to the notification, select the Actions dropdown at the top right hand side of the screen within the notification and select Add attachment. This will open a box where you will be able to download a copy of the invoice at the bottom of the box.