The Purchase Order Match form should be completed for any invoices that have been entered into the Oracle Fusion system and require matching to a purchase order. Please complete all mandatory fields on the form, as outlined below and click submit to log your request with the FSC.

Purchase Order Match Form Fields


Choose which authority the Purchase Order Match applies to

Supplier Name and Invoice Number

Enter the supplier name as it appears on Oracle Fusion and the invoice number that requires the PO match.

Multiple POs or Specific PO Lines

If you require the invoice to be matched to multiple purchase orders or to a specific line on a purchase order, please select Yes.

Matching to a Single PO

If you selected ‘No’, enter the PO number and your name and email address. You can then click Submit to log the request with the FSC.

Matching to Multiple POs or Specific PO Lines

If you identified that you would like to match to either multiple POs or to specific PO lines, additional fields will appear. 

When providing multiple POs, the line no., quantity, unit price and amount do not need to be completed if not required. Once a PO has been entered, click Save and an additional line will appear. Repeat until all POs/Lines have been entered, remembering to click Save after every line is entered.

Finally, enter your name and email address and click submit to log your request with the Finance Service Centre.

What happens next?
Your submission will be sent to our Finance Service Centre who will complete the purchase order match within 3 working days. Once this has been matched, one of our agents will contact you to advise of the invoice status. Please ensure your purchase order is receipted accurately to prevent any unnecessary delays to payment.