Before logging a ticket

Before contacting the Finance Service Centre, please use the search function at the top of the screen to query our knowledgebase, containing hundreds of articles that may be able to help with your query and get you the answers you need quickly.

We have also compiled the below steps to take for common queries logged with the Finance Service Centre. Again, please check these before logging a ticket with us to ensure your query is directed to the correct team and/or able to be resolved by one of our existing articles.

Chasing Payment of an Invoice
(for Internal Council Colleagues)
  • Please ensure you check the Check AP Dashboard to see if a supplier has been paid and/or to check their payment terms. If you do not have access to the AP dashboard, please speak to your business support team to gain access. Further Dashboard guidance is available here.
  • If you are the PO requester and/or the invoice coder and approver please check for Fusion notifications requiring your action. These can be accessed via the bell notification in Fusion, and will also be emailed directly to you.
PO Match to an Invoice
(for Internal Council Colleagues)
  • When matching an invoice to a purchase order, colleagues should aim to raise the PO before the supplier invoice is raised so it can be quoted on the invoice.
  • For invoices that require matching after they have been submitted and received, please complete the PO Match E-form - guidance can be found here.
  • If you receive an invoice coding workflow notification please code the invoice rather than raising a retrospective PO to ensure quicker processing of the invoice. For support, refer to the Workflow Notifications guidance.

Supplier Registrations

  • Please ensure all guidance has been reviewed at and the Supplier Registration FAQs
  • The FSC process completed registrations but are unfortunately unable to guide suppliers through the form filling process. For support, please liaise with the Council contact that requested the goods or services.
  • If a supplier registration submission is over 5 days old and still not appearing on the intranet list of active suppliers for Council colleagues, the likely delay is awaiting independent verification which relies on a response from the supplier. Please ensure that suppliers are aware they may be contacted and asked to verify their details.
  • Users can also check the AP dashboard for supplier details if they are not visible on the supplier listing.
Supplier Statements
  • Unfortunately, automated statements are not reconciled unless the request specifically states the invoice numbers overdue and unpaid.
  • Please note that all invoices are paid to terms unless they are on hold or require action by the service area to code or approve. 

AP Loaders

  • Where AP loaders contain a 'partially failed' error, a ticket notification is issued to the requester informing them of the error and advising of all corrections required. 
  • For support on resolving any errors with submitting a loader, please contact:
    For Leicestershire County Council:
    For Nottingham City Council:
Cancelling an Invoice/Credit
  • If a supplier has submitted an invoice that is no longer required, a corresponding credit note will need to be provided. We are required to process this to ensure we retain an audit of all invoices received.
  • If requesting a cancellation for another reason (i.e. invoice already paid by another method), please detail this in the request when contacting EMSS.
Workflow Notifications

(Coding, Approvals, Invoice Holds)

  • There is extensive guidance on how to complete each of these processes available on each Council intranet (NCC Guidance and LCC Guidance).
  • For commonly asked questions and guidance, we also have our own support page on Workflow Management.  
  • Please note that we cannot stop notifications for invoices on hold, please do not reassign these to the FSC, the notifications will remain with you as the approver until the query is resolved.
Rejected Invoices
  • For a list of frequent rejection reasons and how to rectify them, please visit our Rejected Invoices page.
  • Please do not resubmit invoices rejected as 'duplicate'. This rejection is automatically issued when an invoice with the same supplier details and invoice number exist in the system.
  • Often, a duplicate rejection is received as the invoice is held on the system but unpaid - council colleagues can check the Dashboards to identify this.
Remittance Advice Queries
  • We are currently asking colleagues or suppliers to raise a support ticket for any amendments to remittance email addresses or requests for remittances. Please see below on how to log a ticket with us.
Reassigning Workflows
  • All notifications are system generated, they are not issued by a person (if a name is visible, this is due to the automated running of the process being generated from their account).
  • Please do not reassign the notifications to FSC staff members. For support on who to reassign to, contact: 
    For Leicestershire County
    For Nottingham City Council:

Logging a query with the Finance Service Centre

If you have followed the above steps and you do not have a resolution to your query, please log a ticket with the Finance Service Centre via our Contact Form.