1. Click on My Team icon from the home screen.  

 2. Your team members will be listed by name and job title.

If you have a large team or are a designated matrix/additional manager, you can use:

  • Search Person
  • Show Filters
  • Sort By

to help you find people more quickly.

 3. Click on the employee name to see their employment information. 

  • Business Title confirms their assignment number (and other information).. 
  • Job confirms the financial transactions value that the employee is able to sign-off against.
  • If the employee is on a fixed term contract, the end date and reason for the contract will be shown here


4. To carry out actions on an employee account simply click on the three dots either on the main team page or from the individual’s account.


This will bring up a list of actions managers can perform such as absence management, changes to contracts and so on.