Sign in to Oracle Fusion and click Time and Absences which can be found under the Me tab. 

Click into Absence Balance

Remaining hours and any additional 'bought' leave will display (divide the hours by 7.4 to calculate how many days leave you have remaining)

To view details of taken leave, click into the blue hyperlinked 'Annual Leave - LCC Standard' or 'Bought Leave'. A breakdown of hours taken, any adjustments and initial accrual will appear. You can toggle the 'Balance As-Of' date to review leave balance for different

To see a breakdown of leave already taken, expand the Details section at the bottom of the page. Please note that this will only display leave that has passed - for requests of future dates see below.

To view leave that has been requested/approved for future dates, return to the home screen (you can do this at any time by clicking the Oracle icon at the top of the screen) and click into Time and Absences


Click into Absences 

All requests made, including the status of the request, will appear. Scheduled indicates that the upcoming leave has been approved whilst Completed indicates that the leave was approved and the date has passed.