What is the actual amount that will be paid?
The ‘Net Pay’ amount is the value that will enter an employee’s account upon payday.

What does retroactive mean?
If the payments section has an item with ‘Retroactive’ in the name it refers to a back dated calculation from a previous month.

What does this acronym or phrase mean?
We've put together a glossary of terms and acronyms at the bottom of this document. Click here to go straight to it.

What does each element of my payslip mean?
Please see the image below explaining each of the elements on a payslip. Please note that you may only have one assignment.

Glossary of Terms

Organisations and Councils

LCC - Leicestershire County Council

ESPO - Eastern Shire Purchasing Organisation

NCC - Nottingham City Council

TRCH - Theatre Royal Concert Hall

OWBC - Oadby Wigston Borough Council

NCH - Nottingham City Homes

NHS - National Health Service

EP - Elections Payroll


Pay Terminology

FS - Final Salary

OSP - Occupational Sick Pay

SSP - Statutory Sick Pay

OMP - Occupational Maternity Pay

SMP - Statutory Maternity Pay

OAP - Occupational Adoption Pay

SAP - Statutory Adoption Pay

OPP - Occupational Paternity Pay

SPP - Statutory Paternity Pay

BACS - Bankers Automated Clearing System

Teachers and Education

Supply Teacher OT - Over Time

Supply Teacher OT PLU - Over Time Plus

Supply Teacher PS - Personal Sickness

Supply Teachers PS PLU - Personal Sickness Plus

Supply Teacher SF - School Funded

Supply Teacher SF PLU -School Funded Plus

TPA - Teachers Pensions Association

SEN - Special Educational Needs

Other (A-I)

AIG - American International Group

ASPE - Association for Public Service Excellence

BECTU - Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union

CARE - Career Average Revalued Earnings

CIR - Calculation Information Repository

CMSDEO - Child Maintenance Service Deduction from Earning Order

CT - Social Activities

ESA - Employment and Support Allowance 

GMB - General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union

HSA - Health Savings Account

incl hol - including holiday

Other (K-W)

KIT - Keeping In Touch

LHO - Leicestershire Highways Officer

LG - Local Government

LG APC - Local Government Added Pension Contribution

LG SCAPC - Local Government Shared Cost Added Pension Contribution

MS - Market Supplement

Pct - Percent

PI - Pension Indicator

PILON - Payment In Lieu Of Notice

PRU AVC - Prudential Additional Voluntary Contributions

PRU AVC LG - Prudential Additional Voluntary Contributions Local Government

PSC - Person with Significant Control

Resp - Responsibility

ShPL - Shared Parental Leave

SPLIT - Shared Parental Leave In Touch

TUPE - Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)
UNISON - Unison is a UK trade union

UNITE - Unite the Union, commonly known as Unite, is a British and Irish trade union 

WPC - Workplace Parking City

Terminology Explanation
Descriptions below are overviews for all organisations we make payments for; for more specific guidance, please consult your local intranet or search the emss.org.uk/support knowledgebase.

Callout - Payment for being called out to an incident or event

Childcare Vouchers - Staff benefit scheme for childcare for working parents. Please see the relevant intranet page for further information

Cycle2Work/Travel2Work - Council benefits for staff commuting to the office - please see the relevant intranet page for further information

First Aid - Payment for Employees who have undertaken Organisation led First Aid training and are now a dedicated 'go to' in first aid for their team/department/building

Overtime - Payment for extra hours worked (on top of the original hours contracted)

Salary Sacrifice - Also called MoreTime, a ‘salary sacrifice agreement’, involves voluntarily give up a portion of your gross salary to be provided with services and benefits provided as part of the agreement

Sickness - Employees are eligible for Sick Pay according to their contract type and length of service, this would be specific to the employee but, if an employee takes a day off in sickness (depending on the sickness criteria) they would see an adjustment in their sick pay on their payslip. For more details, view your organisations sickness policy

Standby - Payment for being ready to be called out to and incident or event