Hold Notifications
When an invoice is placed on hold, Oracle Fusion will generate a holds notification email as a reminder that action is required to resolve the issue so that the invoice can be released for payment. This may involve liaising with the supplier to reach a resolution.

The hold notification provides information about the steps to take and the guidance outlined below cover all the notification types, what they mean and what action to take. 

It’s important to note that the invoice will not be paid until the hold is resolved.

Adding or Removing a Hold to an Invoice

To place a hold on a processed invoice then please contact our service desk on 0300 30 30 222 or submit a request via our contact form. You will need to provide the dispute reason (i.e. awaiting credit note, pricing incorrect etc.). Once resolved please contact us again to advise us to remove the hold. Please note that we cannot stop notifications for invoices on hold, please do not reassign these to the FSC, the notifications will remain with you until the query is resolved.