Please email your statements to us by using our contact form and including them as attachments - we will then complete a reconciliation for you in the turnaround times detailed below. In our response, a member of our team will confirm:

  • Payment details (if paid)
  • If the invoice has not yet been received or is on hold (if your invoice is on hold and you would like us to chase the department, please respond accordingly and we will action this)

Requests containing between 1 and 20 documents

We aim to respond within 5 working days with details on each invoice or credit note quoted.

Requests containing more than 20 documents

We aim to respond within 5 working days, providing information on the oldest 10 invoices or credits quoted. You can then expect to receive updates in batches of 10-20 invoices at a time. If you have specific invoices that are urgent please flag these in your original email to allow us to prioritise them.

Overdue Invoices
If you have any invoices that are overdue, please note that all invoices are paid to terms unless they are on hold or require action by the service area to code or approve - read more on our Receiving a Payment from the Council page.

Automated Statements
Unfortunately, Automated Statements are not reconciled unless the request specifically states the invoice numbers that are overdue and unpaid. 

Supplier Access to Invoice History

As a supplier, you can also log on to your I-Supplier portal account to view your full invoice history, download past payment remittances and review the live status of any unpaid invoices. Full details of the portal’s registration process and account management can be found on the EMSS website: